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SPRING 2018 Adult Registration is OPEN!

Registration fee is $85 cash/check or $88 credit card.

                         Click Here for Adult League Spring 2018 Registration

Registration may be completed online via credit card, debit card or e-check. There is a 3% processing fee for credit card.  There is no fee for debit or e-check.  Cash payments for the full amount of registration can be submitted in the office during office hours Monday-Thursday 9 am-3 pm or Friday 9 am-1pm.   Players will not be added to a roster prior to receiving payment.

The DEADLINE to register is January 31, 2018.


Registration fee for 2 teams is $155 cash/e-check or $160.00 credit card

We will have Division 2 (more competitive) and Division 3 (more recreational) leagues for this season.

Each player needs to individually submit their registration and payment. "Coach" and "Friend" requests can be entered on the form. Teams will be formed after the deadline. 

Games will be played on Sunday nights with occasional Wednesday games if we have an odd number of teams in a division.

One jersey provided per player, per team.


To access your schedules and receive text message updates, download the SPORTS ENGINE app. Once downloaded search by your team ID to follow your team.

L2 Schwab - Team ID: 2103789
L2 Llanito - Team ID: 2503618
L3 Bowers - Team ID: 2256129
L3 Comerford - Team ID: 2256133
L3 Deere - Team ID: 2103793
L3 Hernandez - Team ID: 2503610
L3 Mullen - Team ID: 2103791
L3 Parr - Team ID: 2256139
L3 Rowell - Team ID: 2503615
L3 Williamson - Team ID: 2256145


The CABOSA Adult League conducts a Fall, Spring, and Summer season! If you have any questions regarding the Adult league, please contact Mark Matlock.

7v7 Playing format: No offside rule.  Substitutions can be made at any stoppage of play.  Games consist of two 35 minute halves with a 10 minute half time.

Players must show the referee their drivers license prior to the start of each game to ensure that all players are registered and listed on the official team roster.  This protects all players and the CABOSA organization by ensuring all participants are covered under  LSA medical insurance in case of injury.

All teams will play at least 7 games (including playoffs).  To see all other modified rules for the adult league, please read the Adult League Modified Rules on this page. 

All rosters will be frozen two weeks prior to the start of the playoffs unless there are extenuating circumstances due to injury or military deployments.