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FALL 2015 Adult Registration OPEN!!

Click Here To Register

Registration fee $85 cash/check or $88 credit card.

Registration fee for 2 teams is $155 cash/check or $160.00 credit card

Players may only play in one division lower than their primary team.  For example a level 1 player may play in level 2 but not level 3. 

The deadline to register is October 15th

The first games will be played Sunday, Oct 25th

Each player needs to individually submit their registration and payment. "Coach" and "Friend" requests can be entered on the form. Teams will be formed after the deadline. 

Games will be played on Sunday nights with occasional makeup during the week if agreeable by both teams.

One jersey provided per player, per team.

Includes updated forfeit policy and no slide tackling rule.

Summer 2015 Playoffs

Level 2 Team Apgar and Team Hall have a "bye" in the first round.

Level 2
10/4/15 7:30PM Team Pollard vs Team Schwab - Cargill 8
10/4/15 7:30PM Team Copple vs Team Reeks - Cargill 12

Level 3
10/4/15 6:00PM Team McGann vs Team Pernici - Cargill 1A
10/4/15 6:00PM Team Connor vs Team Comerford - Cargill 1B
10/4/15 6:00PM Team Parr vs Team Shrewsbury - Cargill 8
10/4/15 6:00PM Team Dean vs Team Lyles - Cargill 12

The semifinals for both divisions will be played on Wednesday, October 7th. Level 3 will play at 6:00pm (2 games) and Level 2 will play at 7:30pm (2 games).
The finals will be played on October 11th at 6:30pm.

Summer Level 2 League

Schedules and Standings

Summer Level 3 League

Schedules and Standings


The CABOSA Adult League conducts a Fall, Spring, and Summer season!

7v7 Playing format: No offside rule.  Substitutions can be made at any stoppage of play.  Games consist of two 35 minute halves with a 10 minute half time.

Players must show the referee their drivers license prior to the start of each game to ensure that all players are registered and listed on the official team roster.  This protects all players and the CABOSA organization by ensuring all participants are covered under  LSA medical insurance in case of injury.

All teams will play at least 8 games (including playoffs).  To see all other modified rules for the adult league, please read the Adult League Modified Rules on this page. 

All rosters will be frozen two weeks prior to the start of the playoffs.

Fall 2015
We hope to have three divisions this Fall with Level 1 being the most competitive, level 2 intermediate,  and level 3 being more recreational.  Please indicate your requested level in your online registration. Returning teams from the Summer 2015 league will be placed based on their league results. 

You are considered a returning team if you return 50% +1 of your previous season roster. If you do not return 50% +1 you are considered a new team and your previous results are not applicable to division placement. With this system of promotion and relegation players can enjoy playing soccer together and against one another at appropriate levels of competition. This is subject to modification based on the team numbers for the Summer season.

If you have any questions regarding the Adult league, please contact Mark Matlock,


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